Updated as of April 7, 2019

My return to Hundred Islands in Alaminos was planned with my co-workers and we just booked a tour since it would be cheaper if we do it than DIY. The tour costs ₱1,988 for 2D1N Hundred Islands and Bolinao Tour.

Island Hopping

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We headed straight to island hopping among the 123+ islands of Alaminos City.  We had smaller boat in 2019 compared to what we had in 2016 with my family. We were able to visit the Governor’s Island, Virgin Island, Marcos Island, Snorkeling near Old Scout Island, Cuenco Island, Quezon Island, and Pilgrimage Island. The tour is just a half day and you’ll have your lunch at the Lucap Wharf.


Not all islands can set foot there, some were like rocks on top of the water. The islands where you can set your foot offer fine white sand, pristine waters, and some beautiful under the sea creatures.

Governor’s Island

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Our first stop is the Governor’s Island which offers an overlooking view of the islands nearby. It has fine white sand but it’s not really a spot for tourists to swim in.

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The peak is breathtaking, aside from the pleasant scenery of the sprouting lands on the sea, it is also exhausting climbing the peak.

Virgin Island

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You may reach the Virgin Island through the floating bridge from the Governor’s Island. The bridge will swallow you alive if you’re not virgin anymore, one of our friend got swallowed by it because she lied on her virginity. Just kidding. You may also use the zipline from the Governor’s Island going to the Virgin Island.

The island has a statue of a mermaid to mark where the fantaserye Marina used the location for shooting.

The sleeping bats hanging on the trees – Bat Island

We passed by an island full of bats. There’s no name on it, I don’t know what to call the island. Let me check if Google knows. There! It’s called Bat Island. Wow, very creative. I would’ve never guessed that.

Quezon Island

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Then we went next to Quezon Island where there are so many people. If you hate crowds, maybe it is better if you avoid this island.

Zipline 2016

Too bad we’re not able to do snorkeling, but my niece and I were able to do a zipline instead in 2016 on Quezon Island. Haha!


The beach in Quezon island is very gorgeous, it is the kind of fine white sand I am looking for and the water is clear and clean. You may camp out in the island if you want to have an overnight for P200 each (camping fee) and P400 for tent rental. You may bring your own tent to save your P400. You may also do a day tour and book a room around Alaminos. You can check at agoda.com for easier booking.

Quezon Island 2016

There are other activities in the island like banana boat, kayaking, snorkeling, etc.

Marcos Island

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After Quezon Island, we proceeded to Marcos Island. The sand there wasn’t that fine and not as white as the Quezon Island’s but there’s a spot in Marcos Island in a cave where you can do a cliff diving.

Bat cave of Marcos Island

Cliff jumping is the highlight in Marcos Island, but you are required to have a life vest before jumping even if you are a good swimmer just in case you get cramps. There are bats at the cliff jumping site of Marcos Island, so don’t open your mouth when looking up the ceiling because you might swallow something from the bats’ excretions.

Cuenco Island

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Cuenco Island is famous because it used to be the home of Dugong (Tsokoleyt) from the soap opera Marina in ABS-CBN. It has a cave and jumping site for thrill seekers, but it’s not that high and you can jump without life vest.

Old Scout Island Snorkeling

Old Scout Island area is the snorkeling area in Hundred Islands. You need to pay ₱150 for the snorkeling gear before proceeding to island hopping. I did not rent the gear, I just swam with my colleagues in the area while they snorkel. It was my first time to swim in open water without life vest. It wasn’t that scary pala, I know how to swim but I was always afraid of open water. They weren’t that successful in snorkeling because many corals were already dead in the area and only few fish thrive there.

Pilgrimage (Martha) Island

Pilgrimage Island, previously known as Martha Island, is where the statue of Jesus the Savior is erected. It has more than a 1000 steps to climb up to the giant statue of Jesus Christ and a perfect place for devout Catholics who want to do a pilgrimage while on a vacation. It also has a statue of St. Joseph holding an L-square used by modern carpenters.

Be wary that they don’t allow tourists who are not clothed properly like in bikinis or shirtless. I used my malong to cover myself so I can climb up to the signage area.

Lucap Wharf

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Lucap Wharf

Lucap Wharf is the place where the boats dock to wait for the tourists who wish to visit the Hundred Islands. There are shower areas, restaurants, and souvenir shops in the area.

Bolinao Blog

Bolo Hills Beach Club, Alaminos City 2016


Me and my siblings’ jumpshot para sikat

The next day, we had our boodle breakfast before packing to leave the beach.


This was a family outing on a holy week. But we went there on a Holy Wednesday and we’re lucky enough that we were able to get the place (Bolo Hills Beach Club) exclusively ours. It’s really nice to have an out-of-town or any travel before the holidays or weekends. Good for me, my rest days are on Wednesdays and Thursdays. I just can’t attend fiestas because they usually happen on weekends.


We rented out 2 vans going to Alaminos, Pangasinan from Marikina which costs P9,000 each van for 2 days. We were 21 who occupied seats and 1 baby. You may ride a bus from Cubao to Alaminos, you may take a Victory Liner which costs P393. Our departure time from Marikina was around 3am. Travel by van would take 4 to 5 hours, while travel by bus would take you 6 to 7 hours. Well, of course the type of transportation would depend on the number of people who you are going with. It is usually more expensive if you are a solo traveler or with less people. It would also vary on the convenience versus the budget.

Bolo Hills Beach Club
The Sirena pose

We booked our stay at Bolo Hills Beach Club, Alaminos City, Pangasinan. It is a beach front in Alaminos with beige fine sand. It was not so crowded, so we enjoyed the beach by ourselves. We had 3 cottages for overnight for P15,000, but since there were no tourists yet, we were able to occupy the entire resort with no extra cost.

We were able to use the kayak for free
Boodle fight

We had boodle fight for our lunch, dinner and breakfast the next day which costs P10,000 for 21 persons.

Pretending to be a SCUBA diver 2016

I just stayed at the beach, snorkel and got terrified with the sea snake I saw among the seaweeds. I backed out and warned my family on what I saw. It is better to be safe than sorry. I would really like to return to Quezon Island and enjoy the beach there if given the chance to choose.


The full moon and penumbral lunar eclipse 2016

We were able to get a chance to see a full moon on that night. It was a penumbral lunar eclipse but it wasn’t that much of a spectacular sight.

There’s another budget beach near Alaminos, in Lingayen, Pangasinan.

Expenses 2019

  • ₱2,090 per head for exclusive tour good for 11 persons
  • ₱50 Breakfast for day 1
  • ₱175 Snacks for 2 days
  • ₱100 Lunch for day 1
  • ₱200 Dinner for day 1 and lunch for day 2
  • ₱20 Entrance fee for Bolinao Spring Falls
  • ₱25 Share for cottage in Bolinao Falls worth ₱250
  • ₱20 For shower/ use of toilet
  • ₱90 Dinner for day 2
  • ₱2,770 TOTAL

Expenses 2016

Item Commute Rented Van (Group)
Package Divided by 21
Van (Marikina to Alaminos RT) P9,000 x 2      18,000.00               857.14
Bus (Cubao to Alaminos) P393 x 2                               786.00
Lunch                               150.00        3,000.00               142.86
Accommodation in Alaminos 400.00 to 1,500.00      15,000.00               714.29
Dinner                               150.00        3,000.00               142.86
Tricycle to Lucap Wharf 15.00 to 100.00
Hundred Islands Fee 40.00 to 80.00
Boat Ride (Island Hopping) 800.00 to 1,000.00        2,000.00                 95.24
Zipline (Optional)               100.00
Camping Fee                               200.00
Tent Rent                               400.00
Breakfast                               200.00        3,000.00               142.86
Tricycle from Lucap Wharf to Alaminos 15.00 to 100.00
Lunch                               150.00 3,150.00               150.00
TOTAL 2,700.00 to 4,216.00      47,150.00           2,345.24