After our island hopping in Hundred Islands in Alaminos, Pangasinan, we just bought food to cook in Alaminos Market and went straight to Bolinao White Beach in Patar.

All the while, I thought Bolinao is just near Alaminos because it’s always included in tours with Hundred Islands. Ang layo pala! It took us more than an hour to reach Bolinao, yung nakatulog ka na and all, na sa biyahe pa rin kayo.

Patar White Beach

We stayed at 3L Beach Resort in Patar Bolinao. We weren’t able to swim at the beach when we arrived because it was low tide and the part where you can enjoy the sea is about a kilometer away. We just decided to rest and just cook our food for dinner. They have a kitchen where you can cook your own food. 3L also has videoke and pool but their room is not that good because the aircon is not cooling enough and the television is not working but the bed is good enough for an overnight stay.

The beach is not really that white, it’s on the shade of beige with a mixture of fine to coarse sand but not rocky. The water at the beach is really shallow even on high tide and you need to walk very far to submerge yourself into the sea or just sit down so you can dip yourself in the water. We decided not swim anymore since we have more activities that day.

Cape Bolinao Lighthouse

It was really hot and sunny that day when we traveled and I felt so lazy to alight from the van. I wasn’t really interested with the lighthouse anymore because I’ve already seen a lot of lighthouse in Batanes and in Ilocos. But I had no choice but to proceed and check the lighthouse because they switched off the engine of the van. Hahahaha! So, mas mainit na sa van.

Bolinao Falls 1B


There are series of falls in Bolinao ranging from Falls 1A, 1B, Spring, 2, and 3. Falls 1A and 1B is just right off the drop off point or parking area. The entrance fee is just ₱20 and usually it is already included in the tour fee. Falls 1B tends to be too crowded because of its proximity. You may do a cliff jumping at the falls and you may also rent a life jacket for non-swimmers.


Cottages are also available for ₱200 to 250 but they are not compulsory for those who just want to swim or those who wais and do not want to spend that much for their trip.

Spring Falls

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Spring Falls is just around 300m away from Falls 1B and has an entrance fee of ₱20 as well. It is less crowded because it is smaller in area and the falls are not that high but they are more picturesque. It is connected to Falls 2 around 200m away.

Bolinao Falls 2

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Falls 2 is 500m away from Falls 1 and it is less crowded because I guess people are too lazy to walk further. You can also do a cliff jump and rent a life vest in the area. There are cottages but we were not able to ask how much is the rental. Falls 3 is another 500m away from Falls 2 and we’re not able to visit it.

Shower rooms are available near Falls 1 for ₱10, changing of clothes is ₱5, number 1 is ₱5, and number 2 is ₱10.

There’s also a cave in Bolinao where you can swim but we opt not to go there anymore because the entrance costs ₱200 for visit and ₱250 for those who will swim. Our coordinator informed us that the cave is just small and only 40 people are allowed to enter the cave at a time. The cave can easily get crowded and we thought that the ₱250 wouldn’t be worth it.

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Expenses 2019

  • ₱2,090 per head for exclusive tour good for 11 persons
  • ₱50 Breakfast for day 1
  • ₱175 Snacks for 2 days
  • ₱100 Lunch for day 1
  • ₱200 Dinner for day 1 and lunch for day 2
  • ₱20 Entrance fee for Bolinao Spring Falls
  • ₱25 Share for cottage in Bolinao Falls worth ₱250
  • ₱20 For shower/ use of toilet
  • ₱90 Dinner for day 2
  • ₱2,770 TOTAL