Located in the bustling and chaotic south of the Metropolitan Manila, Azure Urban Resort Residences is a condominium resort that is open to public for leisure and experience the beauty of an artificial beach and wave pool. Azure has become infamous for being crowded and lack of customer service. I could say, first of all, Azure is not a hotel resort where in it is required to attend all you needs in your stay and second, everywhere could be crowded especially on weekends and holidays. If you don’t want the crowd, go there on weekdays.

How to Get There

  • Ride a bus going to SM Bicutan, alight at SM Bicutan bus stop along SLEX. Cross the footbridge and walk up to Gate 2 of Azure. Bus from Cubao to SM Bicutan is ₱40.

How to Book an Accommodation

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There are 2 ways of booking an accommodation.

  1. Through Airbnb, you can book as low as from ₱1,000 per night good for 4 persons, 1 bedroom suite room. You just need to book really early to get the lowest deal. Regular rate is around ₱2,500 per night. You need credit card or debit card to book through Airbnb.
  2. Another way is through direct contact with Ms. Dolores 0917-8437634. It costs ₱2,800 per night for a room good for 4 persons if you book it with her. It is a better option if you don’t have a card for payment of you want to go there suddenly like we did.

The design of the room depends on its owner, at the same time, the view at the balcony depends on which side of the building you will be situated. Kamalas-malasan namin, sa tapat kami ng SM napunta. Hahaha! Before going to your unit, you must check-in first at the reception of your tower. Pag peak season, expect that you’ll wait around an hour or more. Don’t forget to bring valid IDs those included in the list. Parking slots are available for guests for ₱100 overnight parking.


Azure Urban Resort Residences is privately owned by the ‘famous’ Hollywood celebrity Paris Hilton (yung laging may dalang chihuahua eme). I just don’t know where did they get their white sand with specks of crushed red corals usually found in pink-sand beaches.

The public can access the Children’s Beach Playground, the Wave Pool, and their bar near the pools. Other amenities like the Lap Pool, Basketball Court, Gym, and others are for exclusive use of the residents. For a room of 4, only 2 persons are free to use the pools and the other 2 must pay ₱20 each. You must get your wristband to get your access to the pool.

Lap Pool

Lap Pool is for exclusive use of the residents and long-term tenants of the Azure. They have their own sand pool but it is smaller than the other two pools. It is sure less crowded and to make sure that their residents are getting what they pay for. Kung ako rin naman resident dun, nagbabayad ako, bakit ako hahalubilo sa public pool?

Wave Pool

The wave pool seems the ideal paradise for a summer getaway. It is until the crowd gets in and fill the pool. You might want to change your mind. Don’t get me wrong, it is not as bad as it seems. You just need to go there at the right time and not during peak season to avoid the nasty crowd. The photos above are taken when it was still closed for cleaning.

This is how real it can get during peak season, it can really get crowded because it’s just cheap to book there. Mga mayayaman ang mga yan at may kotse pero they don’t care sa crowd. Hahaha! The life guard would shout “WAVE TIME!” if it’s time that they’ll switch on the waves on their pool. Medyo maarte kasi ako kaya we did not try the wave pool anymore.

Children’s Beach Playground

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Children’s Beach Playground is an all-sand-knee-deep shallow pool with playground on the side. It is the most aesthetically appealing among all the pools in Azure. It is very kid-friendly and you wouldn’t worry that you kid would drown because it is just shallow. Adults are allowed to swim in the area and it is less crowded because of the level of the water.

We just decided just stay in the children’s area because we would not want to join the crazy crowd on the other side. It’s fine that we did not experience the wave, at least we get to have the place with few people.

If you happen not have you food, you have an option to walk-by SM City Bicutan or just have your food delivered to your unit hassle-free.