We arrived in Singapore late night of 13th of February 2019 from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia via Jetstar. I was hoping to arrive at the famous Changi Airport, the world’s best airport, but budget airlines arrive at the older terminal. Hahaha! It wasn’t bad though, But I wasn’t able to see the beauty of it.

Be sure to download your maps on your phone to prevent yourself getting lost in the city. I would suggest to download an offline map in Google Maps just in case you lost your internet connection, you would still be able to access your map and proceed to your destination. Public WiFi in Singapore is a bit a struggle, that’s why I got my own tourist sim from Singtel for $15 for 7 days with 100GB data and other stuff that I don’t need in Singapore. Hahahaha! Basta may internet, buhay na!

Day 1 Accommodation

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My friend, Cray, lives in Eco Sanctuary Condominium in Bukit Panjang and was able to accommodate me to their home but it’s kinda far away from the city proper of Singapore because the subway doesn’t reach there anymore and you only have to take a bus going to and from there. It’s fascinating that eventhough that there plenty of condominiums in Singapore, those private condos are pretty huge and they have very high ceiling which makes them very conducive for living.

I like the Kois that they take good care at the Eco Sanctuary. They are really cute and large. They make me relax while watching them swim. Maybe that’s their real purpose. Hahaha!

Orchard Road

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Orchard Road is the shopping capital of Singapore of branded items from regular to luxury items. If you love shopping, then it’s the place to go! Unfortunately, I am not a shop-a-holic. I don’t really depend my happiness on mere material possessions and expensive stuff. You can go there for photo op to luxury brand stores.

Fullerton Road

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Fullerton Road is a great place to see the entire Marina Bay Sands and make them as your background. It is also the place where you can see the Fullerton Hotel, One Fullerton, and just walking distance away from Merlion Park.

Merlion Park

Merlion is the iconic symbol of Singapore. The Merlion, its lion head symbolizes Singapore as the Lion City, that’s why they are named as the Sang Nila Utama, a Sumatran prince, who according to the legends, he spotted a lion upon his arrival on the island in 14th century. The fish tail of Merlion is in reference of the other ancient name of Singapore, “Temasek”, ehich means Sea Town in Javanese. From the Merlion Park, the Marina Bay Sands and the Esplanade can be seen and are good background for photoop. The Esplanade is also called Durian by the locals because it was inspired from a durian fruit usually found in Southeast Asian nations.

Victoria Theater and Memorial Hall


The Victoria Theater and Memorial Hall are 2 separate buildings joined together by a clock tower in the middle. It is a performing arts center in the Central Area of Singapore.

Anderson Bridge


There’s nothing really special about this bridge. Gusto ko lang ishare para pamparami ng content ng blog na ito. Hahahahaha!

Sir Stamford Raffles Landing Site


The site has a statue of Raffles with crossed arms, it is where tradition holds that Raffles landed on January 28, 1819. It is located at Boat Quay of the Central Area. Pa-picture na rin na naka-halukipkip! Char!

Arts House at the Old Parliament


The Old Parliament House was built in 1827, probably the oldest surviving building in Singapore. It was restored to host art exhibits and concerts. ‘Pag mga mayayamang bansa talaga mahilig sa arts and concerts because they are too bored of they’re live and they have all the money. They are very domesticated and cultured, kaya mahilig sa arts. Char!

Former Supreme Court Building


It is the former courthouse of the Supreme Court of Singapore until it moved in 2005. It was built under the British colony.

Parliament House


It is a public structure and cultural landmark and build houses the Parliament of Singapore. The House is located at the Civic District of the Downtown Core within the Central Area.

Supreme Court


The Supreme Court consists with Court of Appeals and the High Court, both civil and criminal cases are being held. Trivia lang. Hahaha! Ok, next!

Old Hill Street Police Station


It looks like an old colonial building with colorful window panes. It is not just a police building but also for other government agencies. It also houses an art gallery for exhibition. Taray!

The Joy of Toys, Clark Quay Central

We spent the rest of the day baby sitting with Cray’s Friend, Vahn’s son. It was a good time to rest because I wasn’t still well-rested from our trip in Kuala Lumpur and I felt like I needed more time torest. The rate for the main play space for school-aged children is $22 with free 2 adults and $6 for extra adult during off peak (Monday to Friday except holidays) and $18 for toddler play space. During peak days (Saturday to Sunday and holidays), it is $26 and $18 respectively for 2 hours and $6 and $4 for 45 minutes.

Day 2 Resorts World and City of Dreams Sentosa Island

The island of Sentosa is one large theme park with different attractions to choose from. Two of them are the Resorts World and the City of Dreams, both are casinos but they built attractions outside and inside their buildings. I travelled alone in Sentosa that day because Cray have something to do. You have an option to walk going to Sentosa or ride Sentosa Express Monorail for $4 from VivoCity Station at Harbour Front. Return to VivoCity, whether or not you rode the Sentosa Express going there, is free.

Sentosa Merlion

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Sentosa Merlion is the lartgest Merlion in Singapore, but it is not spewing water, its color is yellowish, and it’s kinda geometric with lots of corners. Yes, there are so many tourists in Sentosa even on weekdays, nakakapunyeta. Char! There is no entrance in Sentosa, so whenever the Merlion in Merlion Park is closed for maintenance, this is a good alternative.

Sentosa is a large park and it’s really exhausting to go around. Fortunately, there are some fascinating aesthetics that are good for photoop. There is also a free shuttle going to Siloso Beach after you pass by the Sentosa Merlion.

Siloso Beach

Singapore is not famous for beaches, that is why it is surprising that there is a white beach in the country even if it’s just artificial. Singapore is a hot country like the Philippnes all-year round. I wasn’t aware the of the existence of the white beach, Siloso. If only I knew, I would have brought my swimming attire because it’s really hot there and I really want to dip in the water. The entrance to Siloso is free and there are shower rooms near the beach.

Fort Siloso Skywalk

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Fort Siloso Skywalk is an elevated pathwalk going to Fort Siloso. The Skywalk has a overlooking view of the Siloso Beach and nearby skyscrapers. Fort Siloso were used by the British empire to defend Singapore from pirates as there were increasing maritime activities. Before, they charge for a fee just walking on the skywalk, now it’s free!

Singapore Cable Car

If you’re tired of walking back to Sentosa Merlion, you opt to ride and experience the cable car in Singapore. The Cable car is separated into two, the Mount Faber Line and Sentosa Line. Ride in each line (one way) is $22 and $35 for both lines. It is pricey if you convert it to peso but I guess it is worth the experience. Just be careful when riding and alighting the cable car because it just slows down and it doesn’t stop. Just hurry a little bit especially if you are in a group. Medyo may suspense baka maiwan o masarahan ng pinto. Hahaha!

Universal Studios Singapore

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I just had a photoop with the Universal Studios Singapore signage and did not opt to enter because it costs $68 and I need a whole day for the theme park. I need my entire day for the whole Sentosa Island.

S.E.A. Aquarium

I opted the S.E.A. Aquarium over the USS. The entrance fee to S.E.A. is $40. It similar to Manila Ocean Park, has many saltwater aquariums and one of their highlights is the tunnel of aquarium.

I was just disheartened to when I saw that they have captive dolphins for show. Dolphins are highly intellectual organisms like humans and I believe that they should be free in the wild. I do not recommend S.E.A. if you love animals, especially dolphins.

Marina Bay Sands

Marina Bay Sands has a high-end mall, with 3 towers for residential, and restaurant and party-venue on top of the roof that is shaped like a ship.

DNA Helical Bridge

The bridge was inspired from the helical shape of DNA strand. Wala silang magawa sa buhay kaya ginaya na lang nila ang DNA. ‘Di kasi uso mahirap sa Singapore kaya marami silang time at pera sa mga ganyang kasimpleng bagay. Hello daw sabi ng footbridge ng MMDA. Hahahaha!

ArtScience Museum

ArtScience Museum is inspired from a lotus. Buddhists symbolizes lotus as survivor because it only thrives in unclean water and yet it blooms beautifully. Admission fee depends on the exhibit at the museum.

Louis Vuitton


Louis Vuitton at the Marina Bay Sands is incredible aside from it is huge and an expensive brand, it has an underwater tunnel going to the bay. But you may also cross the bridge to get there.

Louis Vuitton is so soshal and very pang-mayaman talaga! Nakakatakot humawak ng mga bagay-bagay baka mamantsahan, pagbayarin ako. Eme!

Marina Bay


There is a spectacular view of the skyscrapers of Singapore at Marina Bay. There is also a light and water show by the bay. The show is free for all.

Day 4 Singapore Flyer


Singapore flyer is the largest Ferris Wheel in the country. Every cabin can accommodate a group of more than 20 persons. The admission fee is a whopping $33! Buti na lang libre lang ako. It has unobstructed view of Singapore around Marina Bay and Gardens by the Bay.

Gardens by the Bay

Going to the Gardens by the is free if you just want the man-made trees. They light up during the night and the lights dance with the music. There is no fee if you want to see these large man-made trees at the Gardens by the bay.

If you want to visit the 2 world’s largest greenhouse garden, the entrance is $23. You’ll be able to see different species of plants and flowers. The greenhouse is airconditioned and I think it defeats the purpose of greenhouse. Greenhouses are built to preserve the heat inside for plants to survive during winters, but Singapore has no winter season or snow perhaps because it is a tropical country.

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It was my first time to carnivorous plants in person such as the pitcher plant and the venus fly trap. I didn’t know that they are really small plants. I think, they also have rafflesia but it wasn’t the season when we went there, and we only had a lego model of rafflesia. Hahaha!



If you’re a Filipino, more likely than not even if you don’t like it, you are obliged to go home with a pasalubong even just for your family. Chinatown is the best place to go to shop for the cheapest items. You can buy there keychains, ref magnets, shirts, etc. starting from $1 per set. Shirts cost $10 each and they are even cheaper if you buy more.

Where To Eat?

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If you are on a really tight budget or you just want to grab a snack, you can go for street food which are kinda expensive starting from $1.80 per stick, they have huge fishballs like in the Philippines, but the catch is, there’s no sauce! If you want a decent meal with minimal budget, McDonald’s the right one for you. They also have senior crews in their store which I guess is good. If you have a big budget, then go for Paradise Chinese Restaurant at Marina Bay Sands.


Item SG$  PH₱ 
Airfare SGP-MNL $143.30  ₱      5,428.20
Streetfood $3.80  ₱          143.94
Food for 4 days $96.00  ₱      3,636.48
Singtel Tourist Sim $15.00  ₱          568.20
Accommodation $0.00  ₱                   –
Transportation 4 days $80.00  ₱      3,030.40
Cable Car $22.00  ₱          833.36
S.E.A. Aquarium $40.00  ₱      1,515.20
Singapore Flyer $33.00  ₱      1,250.04
Gardens by the Bay $23.00  ₱          871.24
Total $456.10  ₱    17,277.07