We have planned, together with my favorite people from St. Luke’s BGC, a mountain climbing. And the only mountain I know for beginners is Mt. Batolusong in Tanay, Rizal. It is best if you go there with a car because public transportation is rare because it is situated near Marilaque Hiway which has few residents along it. You can check the map for its location. We pitched in ₱200 each for the gasoline to and from Mt. Batolusong.

Public Transportation

  • Ride a jeep from Aurora Blvd., Cubao to Cogeo Gate 2
  • From Cogeo Gate 2, walk going to Cogeo City Mall Jeepney Terminal
  • Ride a Jeep going to Sampaloc
  • Alight at San Andres or ask the driver to drop you off near Mt. Batolusong


We had our breakfast somewhere along Marilaque Hiway and we had bulalo, it costs ₱300 per serving which is good for up to 3 persons. We were kinda late for the climb because we were all came from work and were all sleepless. We should have started our travel around 2am going to Mt. Batolusong to experience the sea of clouds.


Upon reaching the jump-off site, you need to proceed to tourism office to register and pay ₱500 for the tour guide for the entire group. Climbers are not allowed to proceed on their own. Feel na feel namin ang pamumundok! Hahaha!

The Calm Before Storm

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It wasn’t my first time in Mt. Batolusong, I already have my expectations and I knew it was just the beginning of our gruesome battle uphill. Charot! I am a beach-person, but I don’t mind climbing a mountain if with friends. The first part is just a warm up.

Phase 1


There are 4 phases going to the 1st summit and there are 3 summits in Mt. Batolusong. Every phase is an opportunity to rest. There are water springs along the 3 phases where you can drink or replenish your water bottles.

Phase 2


Phase 2 is the “Are we there yet?” phase. Yung wala pa kayo sa kalahati pero pagod na kayo at gusto niyo na makarating sa summit. Ito rin yung phase na pinapaasa ka na ni kuyang guide na 5 minutes na lang, summit na.

Phase 3


Dito niyo ma-realize na, ay shuta may isa pang phase at more than 5 minutes bago nakarating dito mula Phase 2. Tama bang desisyon ‘to sa buhay o dapat natulog na lang ako sa bahay at nagpahinga?

Phase 4


Phase 4 is my favorite spot in Mt. Batolusong because it is one of the most picturesque site on the mountain. I think this is the best representation for Mt. Batolusong, from the words Bato and Lusong. It is also a part where you could regain your energy kasi malapit na kayo sa first summit, finally!

1st Summit


Finally, we reached the first summit! Kasabay sa pag-abot ng first summit ay pagkalam ng mga sikmura namin. Photop muna before anything else pero kailangan magmadali kasi mainit at wala masyadong puno sa summit.



Few meters away from the 1st summit, is a sari-sari store with few benches that you can use to have your meals. They also sell halo-halo to reduce the heat you are experience on the mountain. May baon kaming mga de lata kasi kailangan ready na may makakain sa bundok.

2nd Summit


Yes, 2nd summit, and it was my first time. Hindi namin naabot and 2nd summit during my first climb in Mt. Batolusong because we needed to descend together with my friend who was really exhausted to climb up to the 3rd summit.

Bamboo Forest


Before reaching our final destination, there’s a bamboo forest which is beautiful for photos. At the same time, it is a shelter under the shades after walking under the sun. Oo, sobrang init kapag hindi kayo maagang umakyat.

3rd Summit

Medyo buwis-buhay ang pag-akyat sa 3rd summit kasi kailangan gumamit ng lubid para lang makaakyat at bangin lang naman ang lalaglagan mo. You must have a strong grip at able to lift your body up.


Many are called but few are chosen. Marami ang umaakyat sa Mt. Batolusong, pero hindi lahat umaabot sa 3rd summit. Kaya naman, I am very proud of you Ma’am Maples! Kahit may tagabitbit ka na ng bag mo paakyat. Achievement talaga ang makarating sa 3rd summit.

There’s a falls in Mt. Batolusong but it gets dry during summer and El Nino.