I have been in Bonifacio Global City for almost half a year now (as of writing) and only a few things I have known and seen around the place. I started questioning myself why I have deprived myself from getting to know the place better. Many people has high regard of the place and look up to it, while me, who’s already there, is just taking the opportunity given to me for granted.

I have been to several places and have been appreciating their arts and crafts; while there are arts right in my place, I don’t give appreciation that is due for them. Maybe we are always too busy with our daily lives making a living that we have forgotten to stop for a while, breathe, and appreciate the beauty of life. I know for a fact that the murals in BGC will soon be gone or be covered by other buildings, I must be able to see and appreciate them before they are gone for good in the sight of humanity.

I have created a map to easier locate and find the beautiful and artistic murals and sculptures around BGC. I challenge you to see all these arts if you still can.

Guide Map


1. The Heart of God’s Country

  • Artist: Andrew Shoultz
  • Location: W Fifth Building, 32nd St. corner 5th Ave.


2. Magsasaka

  • Artist: Archie Oclos and Aleilie Ariola
  • Location: Burgos Eats, Rizal Dr. corner 29th St.


3. Chameleon

  • Artist: Unknown
  • Location: The Bowery, 29th St. corner Rizal Dr.


4. Manpower

  • Artist: Kris Abrigo
  • Location: Net One Center, 3rd Ave. corner 26th St.


5. ASEAN-ROK Graffiti

  • Artists: Auggie, Bunga, Bows, Xuan Ka, Perol, Pesey, Cyrus, Zero, Miguel, Nemo, Kim Si Yeong, Lee Sun Il, Hyun Nam, and Park Young-Gyun
  • Location: One Global Place, 26th St. corner 5th Ave.


6. Between the Lines

  • Artist: Cyrcle
  • Location: Icon Plaza Building, 25th St. corner 7th Ave.


7. Transformer

  • Artist: Kristin Farr
  • Location: Meralco transformer, Rizal Dr. corner McKinley Parkway

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8. Kids with Spray Paint (Kid and Bear)

  • Artist: Nate Frizzell
  • Location: R.O.X., 7th Ave. corner Lane O


9. Horses

  • Artist: Unknown
  • Location: Poco Deli, Lane O corner 7th Ave.

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10. Owl

  • Artist: Bunnie Reiss
  • Location: B1 Building, Lane O corner 7th Ave.


11. May You Find Comfort Here

  • Artist: KFK
  • Location: B1, Lane O


12. Kids with Spray Paint (Kid and Flowers)

  • Artist: Nate Frizzell
  • Location: Shoe Thing, Lane O


13. Kids with Spray Paint (Kid and Birds)

  • Artist: Nate Frizzell
  • Location: Timezone, Lane O


14. Araw + Ulap + Laro = Saya

  • Artists: The Mighty Bhutens
  • Location: Sariwon, 7th Ave.


15. Sweet Dreams in BGC

  • Artists: The Mighty Bhutens
  • Location: Mango Tree, 7th Ave.


15. Andres, Katipunan Supremo

  • Artist: Doppel
  • Location: In front of Globe Building (Now being covered), 28th St.
Expectation (Perspective Photoshopped)

Andres Bonifacio mural (the only one right now) is now being covered by another building, so it is not really visible from afar. You need to peek in between the two buildings to see the mural; however, it will change the perspective. I had to edit it in the Photoshop to see it in man’s eye view.

16. In the Clouds

  • Artist: Bunnie Reiss
  • Location: Mango Tree, 7th Ave.


19. Pop Art

  • Artist: AKA Corleone
  • Location: C1 Building, 28th St.


19. Mother Nature: Four Seasons

  • Artist: Dee Jae Pa’este
  • Location: Side of C1 Building, 28th St.

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20. Selfie Cafe

  • Artist: Unknown
  • Location: Selfie Cafe, in the middle of 5th Ave. and 7th Ave.

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21. Kapit Kamay

  • Artist: Biskeg Pangasinan Artist Collection
  • Location: C3 Building, 30th St.


22. Dating Tagpuan

  • Artist: John Paul Antido
  • Location: C3 Building, 30th St.


23. Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil, See No Evil

  • Artist: Archie Geotina
  • Location: Beside C3 Building, 30th St.


24. Calamansi and Sampaguita

  • Artist: Francisco Diaz
  • Location: McKinley Parkway corner One Serendra Gate 3 (It will soon be covered by a new building being erected)


25. Let’s Roll

  • Artist: Dog and Pony
  • Location: Behind Bonifacio Stopover, overlooking the Shell gas station, 32nd St.


26. Magic in Manila

  • Artist: Kristin Farr
  • Location: Bonifacio Technology Center, 32nd St. corner 2nd Ave.