It’s been a while since the last time I posted my last blog pero I still have a lot of pending from last year (2019) kasi tinamad ako plus ang hina ng signal sa health center where I stay. I was stranded in Marinduque for almost 7 months and was reassigned to Mongpong Island earlier on the same year. Yes, pwede na ko maging resident sa isla and one of my dreams is to become an islander!

View from Mongpong docking port

It was a dream come true to work near the beach in an island where I can go swimming during my free time. Which I thought I could do hahaha! Hindi rin pala ganun kadali yun.

Them: Edi lagi ka nagsu-swimming kasi ang lapit mo sa dagat?

Me: Hindi ko magawa kasi 5pm ang out sa work, paglabas mo padilim na and usually low tide na rin at hindi na maganda mag-swimming at layo na ng tubig. On weekends naman, gusto ko lang magpahinga and laundry day naman. Limited lang din ang fresh water source ko kaya tipid-tipid. I tried swimming twice pero hindi ganun kasaya ‘pag mag-isa, mas masaya pa rin ‘pag may kasama.

Mongpong White Beach

Mongpong Island has a vast stretch of white beach facing southwest and northwest. The sand is a mixture of fine to coarse. I won’t lie and tell people that the beach is creamy white sand tapos pagdating nila hindi naman, hindi naman ako nambubudol. But what I really like about Mongpong is its clean coastal area, few to no people swimming around (which you could actually own the entire beach), and the turquoise crystal clear waters surrounding the island.

Mongpong is the neighbor island of Maniwaya, just a 10-minute boat ride away. But there’s no regular boat going to and from Mongpong and Maniwaya, you need to rent a private boat to do an island hopping ranging from ₱1,000 to 2,000 depending on its size.

Palad Sandbar with HRH 2019

You can also visit the nearby Palad Sandbar during low tide. Be sure to check the schedule because the tides differ from time to time.

Ungab Rock Formation

Mongpong is famous for the Ungab Rock Formation which is situated at the east side of the island. The rock formation is deemed as the tourist spot of the island due to its picturesque image which is perfect for your Instagram feed. It is best to go there during high tide and swim in the pristine clear waters under the rock formation. The beach in Ungab are large broken corals and shells with few fine sands and be sure to wear to footwear during swimming to protect your feet from sharp objects.

Ungab is the name of the sitio where the rock formation is situated. You can visit it by habal-habal (motorcycle) for ₱40 or by small boat for ₱100. The place is also good for snorkeling as there are plenty of fish around; even if you don’t use snorkeling gear you can visibly see the fish because of clear waters.

Center of the Milky Way as seen in Mongpong

The darkness of the island barangay of Mongpong is perfect for your Astrophotography needs or if even you just want to gaze through the stars of our galaxy and search for the constellations and planets.

How to Get There?


  • ₱260 from Cubao Terminal (Jam or Jac Liner) to Dalahican Port, Lucena, Quezon.
  • ₱250 from Pasay Terminal (Jam or Jac Liner) to Dalahican Port, Lucena, Quezon.


  • ₱150 Lucena City to Catanauan Quezon.


  • Dalahican Port, Lucena City, Quezon to Balanacan Port, Mogpog, Marinduque (2.5 to 3 h.
    • ₱390 Regular Fare
    • ₱332 Student Fare
    • ₱279 Senior Citizen (VAT exempt)
    • ₱195 Half Fare (Kapag sinuswerte at feeling anak ng Diyos ka that day)
  • Dalahican Port, Lucena City, Quezon to Buyabod Port, Santa Cruz, Marinduque.
    • ₱456 Regular Fare
    • ₱388 Student Fare
    • ₱326 Senior Citizen (VAT exempt)
    • ₱228 Children (3 to 7 years old)


  • ₱100 Catanauan, Quezon to Mongpong.
  • ₱100 Buyabod Pier, Santa Cruz, Marinduque to Mongpong.

*Breakdown of expenses to follow as soon as tourism in Santa Cruz, Marinduque returns.