Kota Keluarga is a white-sand beach resort in Laiya Road, San Juan, Batangas which is very far from the gates. Yes, you read that right! You need your own vehicle to reach the beach from the gates of Kota Keluarga because it is really far. There are public transportation, tricycle or jeepney, from San Juan town proper to Kota Keluarga’s gate. We paid ₱100 each for our tricycle ride. Hanggang gate lang kami at nakiusap na lang sa service nila na ihatid kami papasok kasi wala ring signal sa loob ng resort. Hahaha!


It was our friend’s wedding at Kota Kelaurga that’s why we went there! Ang soshal lang, may pa-beach wedding ang lolo mo. It was really pretty and nice. The best part is, all the guests are not allowed to take photos and videos during the wedding, so as not to ruin the moment.


I was surprised that Kota Keluarga has a nice white-sand beach with mixture of fine and coarse sand. It was my first time in Laiya, that’s why I didn’t know that it has nice pristine beach. But it’s really far.


The beach is pretty nice for photos and your Instagram feed and go awra! Pak! Too bad we weren’t able to swim because we have a wedding to attend. Kung pwedeng lang basa na umattend noh? Hahaha! I wouldn’t mind.


The entrance to Kota Keluarga costs ₱600 for day tour and ₱1,200 for overnight swimming. Cobo Pavilion costs ₱4,000 for overnight stay good for 2 persons, inclusive of lunch and breakfast. Additional of ₱500 for extra mattress of extra person.


They have kidney-shaped pool if you don’t like to swim in the sea anymore. Or maarte ka at ayaw mo manigas sa asin yung buhok mo. Hahahaha! Para daw sulit yung binayad kahit sobrang layo. Pero maganda yung beach in all fairness.