Alibijaban Island is undeniably shaped liked a penis, my friends and I just call it the Titi Island because of its shape. It is located in the farthermost area of Bondoc Peninsula, San Andres.

Our initial plan was to have a 3D2N travel to Alibijaban because it’s far, but we just reduced it to 2 so we don’t need to take a leave anymore, which I don’t have. If your plan is just Alibijaban, 2 days is just perfectly fine.


This is my actual shot of an aerial view of Alibijaban from an airplane going to Butuan.

How to Get There

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We took Superlines in Cubao (southbound terminal) going to San Andres, Quezon. The fare costs ₱581, and only ₱465 for students, PWDs, and senior citizens. Your drop off point is at the public market which is just walking distance from the port.


Here is the time table of Superlines Cubao Terminal. There are also buses going to San Andres in Pasay City. I’m just not sure their time. The travel time from Cubao to San Andres is about 7 to 10 hours depending on traffic and number of stopovers. Our travel time was 8 hours, we took the 9:30pm trip from Cubao and arrived in San Andres at 5:30am the next day.

San Andres, Quezon


We just had our breakfast at San Andres Market before doing our grocery at the same market. We spent a total of ₱889 for our grocery that covered our lunch, dinner, and breakfast the next day which is good for 4 people, 1 child, and for the dogs in the island.

Boat Ride

At the port, you need to proceed to the Tourism Office to register and pay ₱20 for environmental fee of the LGU. There we waited our boat PBH which we got from our contact (0998-571-4614) for our accommodation. Our boat costs ₱800 to and from Alibijaban and the boat ride is just 15 minutes away from San Andres Port.

You may also go to Burias Island, Masbate from San Andres, a ride would cost ₱300 per person per way. We skipped this part because I don’t want to waste our time and energy in island hopping and miss our opportunity to enjoy the water of the sea.

Alibijaban Island, San Andres, Quezon

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Our accommodation was a nipa hut good for 4 persons if you’re willing to sleep beside each other. There is only one fan and the electricity is only during the night. A night in nipa hut costs ₱1,000. There is a toilet and shower behind the nipa hut but there is only a curtain to cover the opening, so you must be alert when there is a strong wind because there is a high chance that the curtain will fly away and expose you from the outside world. A large pail of water for shower and number 2 costs ₱50 each. So, conserve water to save money.


There is a rental fee for the use of the stove, so we just used the charcoal we bought and there we cooked our food. It is just kinda difficult to cook rice evenly because we don’t have a constant and stable fire for cooking.

Alibijaban is close to perfection for your awra photoshoot, enjoy the fine (to coarse) white sand of the beach and the clear water ranging from greenish blue to turquoise pristine water. You may also take advantage of what’s available in your surroundings to make a more instagrammable photo. But to be honest, the island is not free from trash. If you cannot clean the trash, please don’t add one.

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Group photo is also a good idea, just be ready of your poses and off you go! Slay the photoshoot and standout! Awra lang nang awra mga besie!

Floating Cottages


There are floating cottages near the beach of Alibijaban, they are situated in shallow part but it doesn’t get dry like the sandbar during low tide. These floating cottages can offer you a turquoise blue water due to the color of the sand beneath and some spots for snorkeling. Some of these cottages have slide down to the sea. Entrance fee for these cottages costs ₱200 per hour and the boat going to and from there costs ₱50 per person. You may also experience fish spa on these cottages. We did not try it because we’re not that really interested.


The sanbar is located near the glans (head part) of the island and we’re situated at the scrotal (base) area of the island. You have two options going there, either by boat which costs ₱50 each or you can walk through the mangrove forests for about 20 to 30 minutes. If you’ll walk, just follow the path and you won’t get lost.


One of the perks of walking to the sandbar is be amazed how nature works. There are paths of leave created by different level of high tides. Leaves are left where the tides have been.


This is what you would expect to see when you exit the mangrove forest and walk to the shore near the mangroves going to the sandbar.

We arrived at the sandbar around 7:30am and it has an ankle- to knee-deep water. I am not sure if it gets dry earlier of the day or it is the normal water during low tide. Despite of it, it doesn’t stop people from going there. It is still good for photo opportunity and your Instagram feed.

You may also do your photoshoot with the mangroves in the area. It is perfect for your drama and pretend that everything is just fine and nothing hurts while you do the shoot. Feel the nature and the scorching heat of the sun while doing the photoshoot. Mukha lang siyang masaya.

Night Sky, Milky Way, and Jupiter

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I downloaded the Star Chart app in Android to determine the time the milky way will appear in the sky. I was also lucky that Jupiter is visible this time. I had to wake up around 2am just to see this beauty of our galaxy. It is very difficult to see with the naked eye, that’s why I used Star Chart.


Item  Group Amount   Individual Amount 
Bus Cubao to San Andres  ₱581.00
Food and water for 4 persons plus 1 kiddo  ₱889.00  ₱222.25
Environmental Fee  ₱20.00  ₱5.00
Boat (2 way)  ₱800.00  ₱200.00
Water (2 large pails)  ₱100.00
Accommodation  ₱ 1,000.00  ₱250.00
DENR Environmental Fee ₱30.00
Van San Andres to Lucena Grand Terminal ₱300.00
Van Lucena Grand Terminal to Masinag ₱200.00
Total ₱1,888.25

Optional Expenses

Item Amount 
Boat to Burias Island (2 way)  ₱600.00
Boat to Sandbar (2 way)  ₱50.00
Boat to Floating cottage (2 way)  ₱50.00
Floating cottage entrance (1 hour)  ₱200.00