It’s been more than a year since my last international travel. Pwede nating isisi ‘to from my previous work which is St. Luke’s Medical Center Global City na walang ibang pinagawa kundi magtrabaho at utang na loob mo sa mundo ang magbakasyon or kahit off; which I hated so much kasi very inhumane and we all just accepted that kind of fact for healthcare professionals, na kapag ‘di ka tumagal eh weak ka. Whatever, it’s not the kind of life I wanted, being overused and under compensated. Anyway, I’m glad I am now able to do the thing that I really love.

**Update, since this was super late to publish, I am currently in my new work which I also love, public health. I am also loving my new work which I really wanted since I started working for the government.

I only had a day tour in Kuala Lumpur and go straight to Singapore that same day. I just really wanted to see the Batu Caves and the Petronas Tower and I’m done. Hahaha! My flight to Kuala Lumpur from Manila cost ₱3,446.79 through Traveloka, and my airline was AirAsia. It wasn’t on sale, but it was the cheapest flight to Malaysia. I arrived in Kuala Lumpur at 4:35am.

Kuala Lumpur International Airport

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I had to transfer from KLIA terminal 2 to KLIA terminal 1 and meet my friend, Cray there. It was kinda difficult to go and around because the people are not really speaking English. I also had a hard time understanding their English because I am not used to their accent. They were pointing me to eyten (A10) terminal which I thought was 18. I was so judgmental that I thought that they are having a hard time pronouncing eighteen. Hahahahaha! I was almost lost, luckily someone pointed where it is. The shuttle between the terminals 1 and 2 are free. Hooray! I was able to sleep at terminal 1 while waiting for Cray because I had no sleep since I had to go straight to the airport to catch my flight on time, which I guess was a bad idea because I got so tired. Hahaha!

We took the KLIAx train from terminal 1 to KL Sentral which costs RM55 (₱687.18). Ganun kamahal yung train from the airport which is kinda far from the capital. Most countries I have been to, their airport is relatively far from the capital and their trains connected from airport to the capital is expensive. I was really f**king tired because I had no sleep and feeling icky because I haven’t had my shower yet for the day. I have to endure it the whole day plus the weight of my heavy bag.

KL Sentral

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We took our breakfast at KL Sentral and we needed to find our way to KTM Komuter at KL Sentral. We rode the KTM Komuter from KL Sentral to Batu Caves, it costs RM2 (₱25). Ayan medyo makatarungan na ang presyo ng train ride.

Batu Caves


I’ve been dying to see the Batu Caves because I love going to cultural and religious places. Malaysia is a Muslim-majority country and next to Muslims are the Hindus. There are many Malaysian-Indians in the country that’s why they have the Batu Caves, it is actually a temple dedicated to Hinduism.

The Hindus believe in different gods like the Greeks in their mythologies. But, the gods in Hinduism are usually crossed with animals that makes them vegans. There are several temples in Batu Caves and all have no entrance fees but they sell items to offer to their gods or given to the monks for prayers. The temple outside the cave has different monks that will give you a bindi, the one that they put on your forehead. I am not sure what it is for, but I still tried it. Photography is not prohibited, but try to be respectful of their religion and ceremonies.

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There are hundreds of colorful steps, which are very appealing to the eyes and to the camera, when climbing up the cave. It is quite high and really exhausting especially if you’re carrying a 9-kilogram backpack. Hahaha! The view on the steps are the skyscrapers of Kuala Lumpur, it is a good combination of culture and modernity.

At the entrance of the cave, you will be greeted by a souvenir shop and different statues of gods. There is another temple inside. All the temples require every visitor to remove your footwear before entering. The temple near the entrance of the cave has its own ceremony and I am not sure what it was. I was afraid to come near it because they might charge me. Hahahaha!

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The last part of the Batu Caves is a temple dedicated to the monkeys. There are wild monkeys freely roaming and living at the cliff of the cave. The Hindus offer food for them, believing that they are gods and would answer their prayers. I don’t know how they feed monkeys, it wasn’t feeding time when we visited there. Baka may oras nang pagsapi ang mga gods sa mga unggoy.


There is a waterfall right outside the cave, but it wasn’t that clean. Some people have thrown their trash there.

Petronas Towers


From Batu Caves, you can go back to KTM Komuter Batu Caves station and go back to KL Sentral Station for RM2 (₱25), then transfer KJL going to Gombak and alight at KLCC for RM1.60 (₱20). From KLCC station, it’s a 7-minute walk to Petrona Towers. Since I have a heavy bag, Cray pitied me, and we took Grab instead for RM20 (₱250). If you’ll be visiting the Petronas, be sure to already bring your own fish-eye lens. Because you cannot take the full view of both towers without it and it is expensive if you buy them from the ambulant vendors at the park, it has cost us RM30 (₱374.70). That photo is really expensive. Hahaha! It is also challenging to take a photo without photobombers. Patience is a secret to good photo.

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I didn’t know that the Petronas Towers has a mall. I thought it was just a business-type of building and the access is limited to employees working there. Because Taipei 101 in Taiwan doesn’t have a mall, and you need to pay to get an access to Starbucks situated at the top floor of the building. Cray loves shopping, that’s why we went there. I am happy to see a lion dance, because it was Chinese New Year. I can’t resist watching lion dances because they look like oversized dogs playing and they look so adorable.

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After the Petronas Towers, I am already satisfied with Malaysia. I don’t have any other plans to see in Kuala Lumpur. I let Cray decide where should we go next. We went to the Independence Plaza via Grab (RM7.14 or ₱89.14) and took photos of the historical places around the plaza, the Sultan Abdul Samad Building, Jamek Mosque, National Textile Museum, Kuala Lumpur City Gallery, and Cathedral of St. Mary. From the Petronas Towers, ride the KJL from KLCC to Masjid Jamek station for RM1.90 (₱23.72).

Sultan Abdul Samad Building


It is was erected in 1897 and named after the Sultan of Selangor during that time. It is one of the earliest Moorish-style buildings in Kuala Lumpur. It was used  as the secretariat for the colonial British administration. Usually seen as a background during the independence parade in Malaysia.

Jamek Mosque


Masjid Jamek was built in 1909 and it is the oldest mosque in the city. It is situated in the meeting point of Klang and Gombak rivers, also the birthplace of Kuala Lumpur. They have put place for Kois to swim between the pathwalk and the river.

National Textile Museum


The museum was open to public in 2010. It showcases different process of technology to textiles, and displays exquisite collections of traditional apparel, accessories, and textiles in Malaysia. We did not enter the museum because we not really interested of knowing what’s inside. The museum is open everyday from 9:00am to 6:00pm.

Kuala Lumpur City Gallery

The gallery is owned by Arch and a Gold Award Winning Centre that depicts the story of Kuala Lumpur. They have lots of diorama of their city’s architecture and nice displays to have your photo taken. They are open from 9:00am to 6:30pm daily and the entrance fee is RM10 (₱124.80) but it was free when we visited. They also have a souvenir shop before exiting the gallery.

St. Mary’s Cathedral

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It is an Anglican cathedral founded in 1894. It is similar with Roman Catholicism but differs in the practice of religious leaders. It is quite small for a cathedral, but I find it interesting that Christianity and Islam live harmoniously in Malaysia.

Royal Museum

From St. Mary’s Cathedral, it is easier if you ride a Grab (RM7 or ₱87.39) because there are not train stations near the Royal Museum. We’re supposed to go to the National Palace, the official residence of the king of Malaysia, but we booked the wrong location. The National Palace is not open for public, which was a good thing we didn’t go there. The Royal Museum was the former official residence of the king of Malaysia. It showcases the rooms of the former palace. Photography is not allowed, but we’re allowed anyways. Hahaha! The entrance is RM10 (₱124.80) and it’s quite boring and it’s open from 9:00am to 5:00pm.

Flight to Singapore


From the Royal Museum, we took a Grab to KL Sentral for RM6.10 (₱76.15) and took the KLIAx train to KLIA2, for RM55 (₱687.18), for our flight to Singapore. I booked a flight via Traveloka and the airline was Jetstar, the airfare cost ₱1,471.36. The bus from Kuala Lumpur to Singapore costs around RM35 (₱436.94) around 4 to 5 hours of travel time.


Item  RM   Ph₱
Manila to Kuala Lumpur Flight via AirAsia  ₱  3,446.79
Travel Tax  ₱  1,620.00
KLIA to KL Sentral Train  RM  55.00  ₱     687.18
Food (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)  RM  60.00  ₱     749.04
KL Sentral to Batu Caves Train  RM    2.00  ₱        25.00
Batu Caves  RM         –  ₱               –
Batu Caves to Petronas Towers Grab divided to 2  RM  10.00  ₱     124.80
Fish-eye Lens  RM  30.00  ₱     374.70
Petronas Towers to Independence Square Grab divided to 2  RM    3.57  ₱        44.57
Kuala Lumpur City Gallery  RM         –  ₱               –
St. Mary’s Cathedral to Royal Museum Grab divided to 2  RM    3.50  ₱        43.70
Royal Museum Entrance  RM  10.00  ₱     124.80
Royal Museum to KL Sentral Grab divided to 2  RM    3.05  ₱        38.08
KL Sentral to KLIA2 Train  RM  55.00  ₱     687.18
Kuala Lumpur to Singapore Flight via Jetstar  ₱  1,471.36
Total  ₱ 9,437.20