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I had to take an eight-hour leave and leave at 10pm from my work since my work demands 24 hours of duty every shift so I will be able to make it to our flight to Iloilo City at 4 in the morning. I had to pack my stuff on the spot and didn’t have time to take a nap. I immediately went commuting to NAIA Terminal 3 for our domestic flight. I was not used to taking a bus going to NAIA and glad I was able to do it. You know the vibe in Metro Manila at night, everyone seems up to something not good. I have trust issues with people in Metro Manila, para silang mga manggagantso lahat.

NAIA Terminal 3 Check-in Counters

It was pretty amazing that NAIA Terminal in the morning is like an evacuation center with lots of people lying around. I am not used to seeing the terminal 3 that way. Hahaha! As you know, the terminal 3 is not that friendly for those who would take a nap in the airport before the flight.


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Upon arrival at the Iloilo International Airport (by the way it looks a smaller version of NAIA Terminal 3 which is really nice) and headed for the exit. There are vans (UV Express), on the left side upon exiting the airport, going to SM City Iloilo for PH₱50 for about an hour of travel time.

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From SM City Iloilo, there are two ways of getting to Ortiz Wharf (Iloilo City to Jordan, Guimaras). The ‘easier way’, if SM City Iloilo is already open, is to ride the jeep at the terminal in SM going to the central market for PH₱7 and from there, the port is already walking distance. The other way is to pull a jeep over (in front of SM) and ask if it will pass by the University of Iloilo (UI), the fare costs PH₱7 too and just walking distance to the wharf. UI is farther to the port compared to the central market but it is not that significant though.


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At the wharf, find the Jordan Motor Banca Cooperative that looks like a sari-sari store/ animal cage. You can buy there the ticket going to Jordan, Guimaras. They’ll give you a dilapidated ticket where the name of the boat you should ride is written. The boat ride from Ortiz Wharf to Jordan Wharf in Guimaras is around 15 minutes.

  • PH₱14 – 6:00am to 5:59pm
  • PH₱20 – 6:00pm to 10:00pm
At the Jordan Wharf, there would be a plenty of tricycle drivers that would offer you a tour around the Island. You could check at the tourism office if you want to confirm. This would be a better deal since the island has a little routes of jeepneys. The prices are already good for 3 passengers.
  • PH₱1,200 – Good for 8 hours
  • PH₱600 – Good for 4 hours

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We had to ride a jeep because we need to find first the friend of RJ, Alyssa, who became our guide for our short tour around Guimaras. We are also grateful for the family of Alyssa for welcoming us in their humble home and feeding us for breakfast and lunch! We had the 4-hour tour of the tricycle since we’ll be back in Iloilo City by afternoon.


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Our first stop is the Guimaras sign in Jordan. What else should you see in Guimaras? Edi Mangga! Jusme magsasawa ka sa mangga sa Guimaras. From hilaw to hinog, you name it! Near the Guimaras sign is the Museo de Guimaras, unfortunately it was closed when we visited. I am not sure if it was just closed that time or it’s already permanently closed.


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Our next destination was still in Jordan, at the Trappist Monastery. The Our Lady of the Philippines Monastery in Guimaras is the only Trappist Monastery in the Philippines founded in 1972. They produce several products including pineapple and mango jams and other mango products which Guimaras is famous for. We’re able to buy some pasalubong from there and went to the church to say a little prayer. The church is round and provides seats on the sides for visitors and outsiders and they reserve the seats fronting the altar for the monk nuns.


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After the monastery, we went to Villa Igang Beach Resort in Nueva Valencia. There is an entrance fee of PH₱50 per person and you’re already free to tour around the beach resort. The road is not cemented so be ready for a very rough and bumpy ride. Medyo masakit sa ulo yung bakal nung bubong nung tryk kapag nalulubak mga bes. There’s this mini cave at Villa Igang which appears only during low tide. We tried going inside it and it was nice. We weren’t just able to go through it because our outfit is not swimming-ready yet and the water gets deeper as you go farther.

We also tried walking to an elevated platform above the seawater in the forest of mangroves. Wala lang, for experience lang. Haha! Feel of the environment and enjoy the provincial vibe.

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We transferred to Villa Corazon Beach still in Nueva Valencia Municipality. We just changed our outfit right there and swim! There are few fish and few live corals which you can enjoy snorkeling. The beach is beige to yellowish in color and mixture of fine and coarse sand. We used an hour for swimming before going back to Jordan to have our lunch.

Raymen Beach Resort, Nueva Valencia

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My parents went to Iloilo and Guimaras as well last 2018. They stayed at Raymen Beach Resort in Nueva Valencia, Guimaras for a night. It has cost them ₱500 each for one night. The sand is beige to brown but it’s fine and nice on your feet. The water shades to emerald green due to the color of the sand.


Guisi Lighthouse is the second oldest lighthouse in the Philippines, lighted up for the first time in 1894. The structure is made from fabricated metals from France, the tisa from Portugal and the cement from England.


We stopped-over The Pitstop Restaurant in Jordan and tried their Mango Pizza. It is more of a pie topped with ripe mangoes and some cheese and green bell peppers which tasted weird but a must try because it is only found in Guimaras. Maybe it would be better if they have removed the cheese and green bell pepper and just caramelized the mango and the pie to make it like the peach mango pie. A double sized mango pizza costs PH₱245.

Jordan Wharf: Still not enough of mangoes?

After the mango pizza, we want back to Jordan Wharf via Jeep PH₱7 and rode the pumpboat again back to Iloilo City PH₱14.



Manila to Iloilo City via Cebu Pacific 800.00
Roxas City to Manila via Cebu Pacific 700.00
TOTAL 1,500.00

Guimaras Expenses

Iloilo International Airport to SM City Iloilo 50.00
SM City Ilpilo to Central Market/UI 7.00
Iloilo City to Guimaras 14.00
Jeep PH₱7 x 4 28.00
Tricycle Tour for 4 hours PH₱600 300.00
Villa Igang Entrance Fee 50.00
PitStop Mango Pizza PH₱245 122.50
Guimaras to Iloilo City 14.00
TOTAL 585.50

Total Expenses

Aifare RT 1,500.00
Guimaras 585.50
Iloilo 2,884.50
Capiz 962.50
TOTAL 5,932.50

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