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Vivere Azure is the most expensive resort I have ever been to up to this date of writing. A night would cost you at around ₱14,000+ per room per night that is good for 2 to 4 persons inclusive of buffet breakfast and it can go as high as ₱18,000+ per room per night via Agoda.

How to get there?

Public Transportation

  • Ride a bus going to Batangas either in Cubao, Pasay, or in Manila.
  • Upon reaching Batangas City Grand Terminal, you can ride a jeepney to Mabini, Batangas.
  • Alight to Mabini Crossing.
  • From there you can take a trike to Vivere Azure. I am not just sure how much they charge.

I was just lucky enough to experience the luxury of staying overnight in an expensive resort together with the “alta” of the society. The experience is already enough; maybe next time, I can use the money to something more worth it.

The resort has only few rooms and limited to guests, which is good because the place wouldn’t be too crowded or even close to crowded. The parking is the only place that gets too crowded because there is limited public transportation going there!  The resort is situated on a cliff and the infinity pool has an overlooking view of the sea. The rooms are located at the lower level of the resort, but higher than the shore and sea. They have water activities, but wasn’t able to try.

The room is very big for 4 persons, and I guess you get what you pay for. The bathroom is also instragrammable, it really looks nice in photos.

Vivere Azure has a relaxing vibe that could give you peace and tranquility from a stressful work in the city. If you have a budget, this resort is a must try; but if not, it will just give you more stress on how much you will spend for a night.