Sorsogon is the third province in our tour itinerary. It is also the southernmost province of Luzon and gateway to Visayas.

Sorsogon has become famous because of whaleshark sightings in Donsol, and until now they are famous for it because they don’t hand feed the whaleshark that would destroy their natural migration and diet. It was only recently that I have found out that Sorsogon has so much to offer and they even have their own pink-beach! The only other pink-beach I know is in Sta. Cruz Island, Zamboanga City, but I have never been there yet.

Matnog Port, Sorsogon


This is the sign that you are about to leave the island of Luzon in Matnog, Sorsogon going to Leyte or other parts of the Philippines outside Luzon in the south.


From Matnog port, you need to ride a pump boat going to Subic Beach for about 15 minutes. There are many public boats in the area that you can rent, so you don’t need to worry. Unless you’re a solo traveler, you need a big good luck!

Island Hopping (Not sure)

I don’t know if you can call it an island hopping because we weren’t able to get off the boat and experience the cave with seawater because it was high tide and we cannot fit inside the cave. So, we just took photos of it and off we go to our next destination.

Juag Fish Sanctuary, Matnog, Sorsogon

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There were several groups ahead of us when we arrived in the Juag Lagoon and we needed to wait further more until they finish their turn. They only allow up to 20 people per batch. We decided just to swim first at its beach side while waiting because it’s also getting hot. The water is on the shade of emerald green due to the surface of the seawater.

The entrance to the fish sanctuary is free, but we paid ₱10 each to feed the fish for experience. But we thought that the fish were already over-fed because they’ve been feeding the fish the whole day and seemed like we’re the last group to visit that day. Furthermore, the fish weren’t interested anymore to the feeds that we give. Hahaha! There several kinds of species of fish in the sanctuary ranging from small to amazingly large fish.

Subic Pink-Sand Beach


This is the raw and unenhanced shot of Subic Pink-Sand Beach in Matnog, Sorsogon. Taken from Nikon 1 AW1. I don’t want to exaggerate it’s pinkness, I just like the way it is so you wouldn’t have expectations vs. reality. Doon lang tayo sa totoo. Thank you nga pala sa model ko na hindi ko ipinaalam.

The beach is pink due to the crushed red corals that has mixed with the fine white sand of the Subic Beach. It is more evident when it gets wet by the sea. The locals also said that the pink sand is best viewed during sunsets. Unfortunately, it was really cloudy during our sunset, we were not able to see it’s pinkest form.

The only pink-sand beach I knew then was in Sta. Cruz Island in Zamboanga City. I didn’t know thay there is one in Matnog, Sorsogon. We stayed overnight on the island and pitched a tent provided because there are no resorts for room accommodation and the beach is unspoiled with modern capitalism. It is only difficult when it rains, and we had a chance to experience it. The tents that they had provided are not waterproof, heavy downpour of rain would sip-in the tent.

Mt. Bulusan Volcano Natural Park


Bulusan Lake is a natural park because it was created naturally! What the heck I’m saying? There’s nothing really special about the lake, except that you can do kayak in the lake. You can also hike the volcano for hours if you have a lot of time in Bicol, but if you’ll be like us in a tour, sight-seeing is just fine.

Barcelona, Sorsogon

You don’t need to go to Spain to see Barcelona, because we have our own in Sorsogon! Just kidding, of course it’s just the name. We just stopped there over, nothing really spectacular, we just wanted to maximize our experience in Bicol.

Ruins of Presidencia Building, Barcelona, Sorsogon

Right beside the Barcelona, Sorsogon signage is the ruins of Presidencia Building. It used to house the government leaders of Barcelona.  It has also become a fortress during the wars and there is a tunnel connecting to the Barcelona Church. But the tourists are not advised to visit the tunnel due to safety concerns.

St. Joseph Parish, Barcelona Church


Built in 1800s by the Spaniards, it is also known as the Barcelona Church. Located just right in front of the Ruins of Presidencia Building. It was under renovation when we visited and I wasn’t able to see the inside because it was a complete mess when I tried to enter the church due to the construction on-going.

Buenavista Surf Camp

We had our lunch at Buenavista Surfing Camp because we have nowhere to go and we’re in the middle of a province where there is limited places to go to eat. Buenavista Camp has a Luwaw vibe, even though I have not been to Hawaii ever. It’s a tropical paradise for surfers and it’s so init! I don’t know why, and why am I even questioning it, we’re in the Philippines!

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We ate our lunch at Buenavista Grill in Buenavista Surf Camp. The place is quiet and has only few tourists in it. The Grill resto seems like not prepared for large volume of diners. It took them so look to prepare our meals because we’re almost 40 persons who dine there at once and they only have one cook.

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Buenavista is the only surfing spot that I have not tried surfing on because we only have a limited time there and we needed to go back to Manila immediately as most of us have to go back to work the next day. The sand is beige to grayish and bit hot on your feet. Maybe it wasn’t the surfing season when we went there because of the few visitors we saw.

We were caught in traffic going back to Manila because everyone’s going back on Sunday. We arrived in Manila around 1 or 2am and I only had time to take a shower and go back to work immediately. But the trip in Bicol was fun and one of my most memorable experience in all of my travels.

Expenses for Bicolandia Tour

  • ₱3,300 – Tour Fee
  • ₱200 – Wakeboarding
  • ₱900 – Food for 3 days
  • ₱4,420 – Total