I was bored with my life and I wanted to go out, with or without anyone joining me. It wasn’t my first time to travel solo. I am not new in traveling solo, I’ve already done it in Cebu, Bohol, Masasa Beach in Tingloy, Batangas, and Villa Jovita in Agoncillo, Batangas. It feels more liberating and less of a hassle when you’re alone. It is really painstaking organizing a travel plan with your friends. But every choice in your travel has its own cons. You just need to choose which things are you most comfortable compromising with.

I was supposed to join a tour to Bicol in August of 2018 but there was typhoon Karding and it was not advisable to travel. I had no choice but cancel my plans. I got to reschedule my travel plan in November of 2018, when it’s long weekend! I joined a tour for only ₱3,300 for solo. I’ve read a lot of blogs that public transportation is difficult in Bicol and it’s advisable to join a tour. Which I did because I don’t to blow up my expenses.

We met at Shell Buendia corner EDSA at 9pm. We waited there expecting that we only had one tour agency. Surprisingly, we are two groups combined together and we have different packages offered. Kagulo. Anyway, if you want to join a tour, just check DIY Travel Philippines on Facebook and search there for Bicol Tour and there you’ll find offers on travel dates you want.

First Destination: Camarines Sur

CamSur Watersports Complex (CWC)

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Bicol is the region, not the province. The province of Camarines Sur was our first stop and it’s at CamSur Watersports Complex. It is a government-owned watersports facility for wakeboarding, swimming pool, and aquapark.



You can enjoy their aquapark from 8am to 6pm with rates starting from ₱150 per hour! Imagine that! Other aquaparks will charge you at least ₱500 per hour. You can also enjoy the aquapark for the whole day if you have that energy. The last aquapark I tried, I got really tired only after 30 minutes. I don’t know who wants to play at the aquapark the whole day. Their aquapark is situated in a man-made lake. The lake is relatively clean, I don’t have time and capacity to check the water is suitable for swimming.



I could say that the rates are relatively cheap since it’s not profit-oriented. Prices for gears are also cheap. I would love to live near here and play wakeboarding every weekend. Too bad, it’s too far from Manila.


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They have two areas for wakeboarding, one is for advanced and the other is for beginners. The advanced playing area has ramps for exhibitions and has a longer coverage for the cable, I guess it’s around 400m. The advanced area is not suitable for beginners because you might hit the ramps and if you stumble, you need to swim very far just to reach the edge of the lake or you’ll walk very far back to the starting area. Pagurin mo sarili kakalangoy at kalalakad in an hour.


I only spent ₱220 for an hour of wakeboarding inclusive of gear rentals and trainer. We were at the beginner’s area. It’s shorter distance in case you stumble and sink in the middle of your ride, which actually happened, you wouldn’t have a difficult time to go back to the starting point. I had so much fun doing it and one hour is not enough, but we cannot stay any longer because we’re on a tour and we need to follow a schedule.

This is me trying to look like a pro, but my posture is not good and just trying to survive the ride. Hahaha!

Things to Bring

📍Clothes good for 3days
📍Sunnies (shades/cap)
📍Dry bag
📍Camera, cellphone, and power bank with charge
📍Extra baon (iwas gutom)
📍Extra cash for pasalubong
📍Sandals, slippers, or aqua shoes (not regular shoes)
📍Travel pillow – because it would really be a long journey

Public Transportation

  • ₱650 – Bus from Cubao/Pasay to SM Naga.
  • ₱10 – Bus from SM Naga to CWC.
  • ₱10 – Tricycle/motorcycle to get inside the CWC, because it’s a large facility and walking would really be exhausting.


  • ₱3,300 – Bicolandia Tour Fee
  • ₱220 – Wakeboarding Expenses
  • ₱900 – Food for 3 days
  • ₱4,420 – Total