Dubbed as the Bali of Batangas Province, as they also explicitly call their area of nests and swing as Bali corner. Villa Jovita was inspired by the swing and big nest of Bali, Indonesia that has a scenic view of a cliff and mountainous greeneries. Batangas is famous for beaches that are very proximal to the metro. However, the municipality is land-locked and has no access to the nearest sea water. But they have seen new advantage of their place and make it more attractive to tourists and guests.

They have developed their location as a resort that has chlorine-free pools and its water runs from the spring to the pools, down to the river right beside the resort.

I really wanted to visit the place since I have seen it on a Facebook post. It really looks good in photos plus the fact that it is not seawater and has added amenities like the Bali corner. Lucky enough, I was assigned to work in Batangas Province and I have an opportunity to visit it in my not so busy schedule.

How to Get There?

If you have your own vehicle, you can just follow the Google Maps above and drive all the way there! If you are going to commute from Metro Manila, here are the instructions:

From Araneta Center Cubao Bus Port

  • From Cubao, ride a bus going to Batangas City, your drop-off point is at Tambo Exit, Lipa City, Batangas.
    • ₱132 Fare Cubao to Lipa City
    • ₱10 Busport Fee
  • From Tambo Exit to Lemery.
    • ₱51 Aircon Bus (more convenient but less likely available) or
    • ₱52 Jeep (you’ll eat all the space dust of Batangas but most of the time available)
  • From Lemery to Villa Jovita, Sta. Cruz, Agoncillo
    • ₱9 Jeep to Agoncillo if you will ride in front of Xentro Mall/ DLTB Bus Station or
    • ₱60 Tricycle or ₱20 per person if you’ll ride the tricycle from Xentro Mall or
    • ₱80 Tricycle from Lemery Town Proper

From DLTB Pasay City to Lemery, Batangas

  • ₱178 Bus direct to Lemery

2018-10-21 028324303227802175458..jpg

I opted the tent since I was alone when I got there and I just need a place to stay overnight in Batangas. I was just making the best out of my time there since it is just in the vicinity of my area of work. I am just lucky to be able to unwind while I am at my work.

Chlorinated Swimming Pool

2018-10-08 047964630521205840520..jpg

Two chlorinated pools are well-maintained with slide. This for those who love the smell of chlorine and afraid of microbes that are not cleaned enough by the running water coming from the spring. However, this pool is closed during the night.

Chlorine-Free Pools

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They have several chlorine-free swimming pools which the water runs down the river coming from the spring. The water is not that cold, and it’s just the right temperature during the night. These are where I have stayed most of my time while I enjoy the view of the nature to relax. I went there on a weekday, and really lucky that there are only few guests during that time.

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Villa Jovita is also beautiful at night. It has a relaxing-vibe that add to the serenity of the place away from the annoying noise and air pollution from the city. It is a excellent place of getaway for those who wanted to be alone.

Bali Corner

The Bali Corner of Villa Jovita is quite expensive because it costs more than the payment for pools. But I think the payment goes to the swing operator to make sure that you are safe while you swing. They have also placed a nest below the cliff to make it sure that something will catch you below in case something wrong happens.

I am thankful for the caretaker of Villa Jovita who willfully took my photos at the Bali Corner and who assisted me to the swing since the operator has not arrived yet.

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I have stayed at the Bali Corner for a short time since I am afraid of heights and I wanted to swim again before I leave for again. I would definitely return to their place whenever possible. There are several cottages that are available in case you would be there for a day only.


One of their latest attraction is their floral nests. It’s so pretty! Pahangin muna ako ng kilikili kasi ang init, binabaskil ako.

Villa Jovita Resort Rates

  • Entrance
    • Day Tour
      • Kids – ₱75
      • Adults – ₱100
    • Overnight
      • Kids – ₱100
      • Adults – ₱130
    • Bali Corner
      • ₱150
  • Accommodation
    • Tent (2-3 persons) – ₱1,200
    • Couple Room – ₱3,000
    • Family Room A (4-6 persons) – ₱3,500
    • Family Room B (6-8 persons) – ₱3,800
    • Nipa Hut A (2 persons) – ₱2,000
    • Nipa Hut B (3-5 persons) – ₱2,500
  • Cottages
    • Tables (10-12 persons) – ₱500 to 600
    • Open Huts (10-12 persons) – ₱1,000 to 1,200
  • Meal
    • ₱90/meal available upon request