February 21-25, 2016


I was kinda puyat (sleepless) because Junior (Couchsurfer) and I were chatting the whole night. But I still managed to wake up early. He introduced me to his most recent two surfers from Germany whom he accompanied in canyoneering. They were already in Bohol that time when I was still in Cebu, and Junior told me just to meet them in Bohol so I would have a company.

I agreed. It is an opportunity to meet new people while traveling. They were staying at Staylite Bed & Breakfast near the airport in Tagbilaran. Exciting kasi foreigners makakasama ko! Colonial mentality. Hahaha!


It was too early (around 5am) when I get myself ready for Bohol. There were only few jeepneys on the road and they are the ones I don’t need that time. I just decided to ride a taxi going to the sea port of Cebu to make it quick, I paid P70 for the ride.


The port wasn’t that far from my place and the port looks great, even bigger, and better than other domestic airports in the country.

Does the moonlight Shine in Cebu?

The ferry ticket going to Bohol costs P800 (no aircon.) Because I wanted to see the sea without the scratched windows that destroys the view of my camera. It takes about 2-3 hours before reaching the sea port of Bohol from Cebu.


Upon reaching Bohol, it is kinda different from a real city life in Cebu. It is more of a rural area, the majority of the public transportation are tricycles. I rode a tricycle going to Staylite which costs me P30.


I booked a double room which costs P800 a night. Pwede na! Ang laki nga lang masyado kung mag-isa ka. Nakakasenti, mapapa hashtag foreveralone ka sa loob ng room.


It was still too early to check-in in my room, so I had my breakfast first for P150 (corned beef, egg, toast, ripe mango, and milo.) I messaged the two German Couchsurfers and told them that I was already there. And there we met and talked about our plans. They are still young and yet they were able to travel Asia. Nainggit ako, kasi ang dami nilang travel funds at free time. Mataas kasi purchasing power ng pera nila sa Asian countries.


We agreed upon to visit Alona Beach in Panglao Island which is just a jeep travel away. You will just cross the bridge to get there. No need for boats. We got ourselves ready and left my bags in their room. Kasi nga ‘di ba may pausong 2pm ang Check-in sa mga hotel kahit na bakante na yung room. So off we go and asked the attendants for our directions. We were told that we need to ride a tricycle (P10 each) going to the jeepney terminal bound to Panglao which costs P25 each. The tavel is around 30 to 45 minutes to Panglao.

Ang Pogi, Mas Pogi, at Pinakapogi

The road where we made para (alighted from the jeep) is the nearest, but still far from Alona Beach. And we still decided just to walk. In all fairness to them, matipid sila ah. Pero ang layo nga, pagoda tragedy kami. Ok kasama kasi poverty level na ko dahil sa activities ng South Cebu. Hahaha!


Alona Beach will not fail you. With its pristine beauty, turquoise water, fine white sand, and only few people around, who would not fall in love to that place. We were offered, by the local guides, a island hopping going to the Virgin Island plus a chance to meet the dolphins for only P500 each! I got so excited! But the catch is, the dolphins only show up early in the morning. We were there, almost in the afternoon. I really wanted to see the dolphins but we need to stay in Panglao so we can catch the dolphins in the morning the next day.


We just went beachin’ around while I am trying to get a nice tan. Pero longsleeves na rashguard nadala ko, shunga lang. Hahaha! Buti na lang may sando ako sa loob. Sobrang ganda nung place (It is extremely gorgeous and it’s a paradise), ang kaunti pa nang tao. If you want peace, serenity, away from people and noise, while staring at a beauty, it is the perfect place to be. To be honest, Boracay is really beautiful, but it is already polluted with people, noise, and party stuff unlike in Panglao, everything is so relaxing. This is no exaggeration! You should visit Panglao. Hopefully it doesn’t get crowded like Boracay.


My two German friends went for snorkeling. They brought their own kit. Eh ako, bilang baguhan sa mga ganitong bagay, walang ganun. Hindi kaya uso snorkeling-snorkeling sa mga hampas-lupang jologs. Tampisaw at sisid lang sa dagat solb na! They were merciful enough to lend me their goggles (which are tinted with green, I don’t know why) and they did their snorkeling. I cannot snorkel equipped with just goggles! How can I breathe? So I just stayed swimming in the shallow waters, taking a glimpse of underwater if there are beautiful creatures. But the beach is mostly sand and lots of seaweeds.


In fairness to me (I should brag about this!), I found some starfish of different colors. I am not sure with the 2 Germans if they have found a good snorkeling site around the area. I think they’ve found one but not that really good because there are no coral reefs near the beach where the fish usually stay. We just swam and enjoy the nice sun, sand, and sea before heading back to Tagbilaran. Because of them, I was inspired to buy my own snorkeling kit which is really a good investment.

Bukod sa pagiging third wheel, naging tour-guide na rin ako. Kahit first time ko rin sa Bohol.

We had our late lunch in Panglao, it costs around P80-100 per meal. The jeepney terminal in Panglao is kinda far from Alona Beach. The locals suggested that we could instead ride a tricycle going back to Tagbilaran. The tricycle ride costs P300 for the 3 of us. I made it sure that it is just P300 for the 3 of us and not P300 each of us. I usually make this clarification because I got traumatized with the pedicab drivers in Divisoria. They give false fare information, they will charge you way larger than what you agreed upon when you reach your destination. Mga manggagantso at mga manloloko sila. That’s why I have trust issues with humanity. Hahahaha!

Before we headed back to Tagbilaran. I really wanted to see the dolphins, so I asked around. Unfortunately there are no jeepney trips to Panglao as early as 5am. I would need to ride a tricycle if I want to be there that early. Kaso hindi ko na afford ang P300 na pamasahe para pumunta dun. I am so taghirap na that time. Sad life for me.



We had our dinner at Gerarda’s located at S Torralba St., Tagbilaran City, Bohol. From our place, the tricycle costs P30 for the 3 of us. Gerardas’s is famous for their seafood Karekare. It is a casual dining restaurant, the food tastes really great.


My new friends enjoyed the food too! It is also my first time to try seafood Karekare and the price is reasonable, and there’s no service charge, so be sure to leave a tip because the service is excellent. We have spent around P250 each including tip.



On my fifth and last day, my 2 German friends left early to proceed to their next destination, to Dumaguete. I was left alone again. Haha! I was left with limited time, because my flight going back to Manila is in the afternoon. I have few hours left to do some activities. The jeepney that I could ride go around Bohol would take an hour before it leaves. I had no choice but to ride a tricycle again and was limited only on going to the Tarsier Sanctuary in Corella so I could return on time before my flight. The tricycle charged me P100 RT. Entrance fee to the Tarsier Sanctuary is P50.


Be sure not to make noise in the area because they are too sensitive to sound. Flash photography is also not allowed. Obviously, they have so big eye, and it may do harm on them.


I suggest na ‘wag bumili ng pasalubong kasi yun talaga nakakaubos ng pera. Few ref magnets lang will do. Hindi ko naman kasi alam, bakit may ugali ang mga Pilipino na gusto lagi may pasalubong? It will save you a lot! Hahaha!


Buti na lang walking distance lang ako sa airport ng Tagbilaran. Hindi masyadong hassle. Ang aga ko, sa labas tuloy ako nag-antay before my flight back to Manila. Hahaha!

Expenses for the Bohol Trip

Taxi (to Cebu port) 70.00
Ferry (Cebu to Bohol) 800.00
Terminal Fee (Cebu Port) 25.00
Tricycle (Bohol port to Staylite) 30.00
Staylite (1 night) 800.00
Breakfast at Staylight 150.00
Tricycle (Staylite to Jeep Terminal) 10.00
Jeep (Tagbilaran to Panglao) 25.00
Lunch (Karinderia sa Panglao) 80.00
Tricycle (Panglao to Tagbilaran) 100.00
Tricycle (Staylite to Gerarda’s) 10.00
Dinner (Gerarda’s) 250.00
Tricycle (to Tarsier Sanctuary) 100.00
Tarsier Sanctuary Entrance 50.00
TOTAL 2,500.00

Total Expenses for my Cebu-Bohol Solo Travel

Cebu City Trip 1,682.00
South Cebu Trip 5,930.00
Bohol Trip 2,500.00
Plane Ticket (MNL-CEB, TAG-MNL) 1,500.00
TOTAL 11,612.00

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